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Individual Progress Report

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 11:15pm

Open Attachment

Scroll to your scout. 

Print your scout's report.

This is current through summer camp. Scouts wanting to rank advance in August or September need to seek advice on what can be done to make that happen. 

Austin Street Shelter - Don't forget to sign up to help!!

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 9:51pm

Please meet at the SMS Family Center parking lot by the dumpsters at 5:45pm and we will depart around 6:00pm.  Directions to the Austin Street Shelter will be handed out by volunteers before departure.  You should be finished and return around 8:00pm.  

Five scouts are asked to make 30 sandwiches each, which equals 4 loaves of bread per scout.   The sandwiches can either be tuna salad, turkey, ham or pb&j.  Each sandwich needs to be individually placed in a zip lock sandwich bag and then placed back in the original bread bag.  Please write on the outer package of the four loaves of bread what type of sandwiches are enclosed.  Black sharpie works best!

Scouts receive 1 hour for making 30 sandwiches and 2 1/2 hours for serving.  I need five scouts every month to make 30 sandwiches each.  I need at least 4 scouts plus adult drivers to help serve.

The address for the shelter is 2929 Hickory near downtown.  

Please call Melissa Tehan at 214.690.2861 if you have any questions.

Scout Service Hours

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 9:49pm

With July AUstin Street SHelter in the system and Thielen Eagle Project in the system, Troopmaster is notifying  everyone who still needs service hours for next rank advancment.

TFC 2015 and TFC 2014 - We need to see your scout book

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 8:13pm

If you have a scout rank of SCOUT, TENDERFOOT, or SECOND CLASS, Mrs. Berven and/or Mrs. Amy

need to see your scout book at the next scout meeting on Monday, July 27 to update TROOPMASTER.

Monday, July 27 Meeting

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 5:55pm

Merit Badges and Rank Advancements given out for May, June, July and Summer Camp.

Scouts need to be present to receive their recognition for their hard work over the last few months.

Scout Closet

Posted on Jun 17 2015 - 10:51pm

The troop is collecting used uniforms to share with other scouts in both the troop and the pack. If you'd like to donate, please bring class A and B shirts and shorts/pants to Monday meetings. 

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