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Prayer for January 23 to January 30

Posted on Jan 23 2023 - 7:02am


“We ask for your guidance today as we set out for better opportunities than yesterday. Do not let me stray from our path for You're our shepherd, oh Lord. Let Your staff prevent us from any error and let Your eyes watch over us and protect us from all danger. You're the only God and no matter is too big for You Lord. So, let's flatten all issues that may plague our day”. 

Prayer for January 16 to January 23

Posted on Jan 15 2023 - 5:14pm

O God, we thank You for the challenges You provide us each day.  We pray for your blessing and inspiration in finding peaceful and cooperative solutions to them. Amen.

Prayer for January 9- January 16

Posted on Jan 15 2023 - 5:13pm

Thank you for this new day and all the blessings it brings. We ask you for your guidance and presence as we go about our daily tasks and responsibilities. Please give us the strength and resilience to face whatever challenges may come our way, and help us to be a source of love and support for those around us. Amen

Sea Base 2024 - Sign up now!!!

Posted on Jan 14 2023 - 12:07pm
Sea Base 2024 Registration is next week. Currently, 3 Scouts and 1 adult leader have expressed an interest in attending. 
"Sea Base is a unique Scouting program that offers aquatics programs found nowhere else. Whether your interests lie in sailing, scuba diving, rustic camping on an undeveloped barrier island, fishing, or a combination, this is the place for your Troop 412 Scout.

Position of Responsibility - January 2023 - June 2023

Posted on Jan 4 2023 - 2:53pm

Scouts that are first class and above need a position of responsibility to rank advance.  Scout should reach out to Mr. Elko if they need one. 

Position of Responsibility - January 2023 - Patches you already have

Posted on Jan 3 2023 - 9:32am

The following already have this POR patch in their collection and we ask that scouts find this patch and place on their scout shirt.

OA Rep - Matthew Brown

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