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Prayer for Week of May 9 - 15, 2022

Posted on May 10 2022 - 7:41pm

Dear Lord, help us achieve our goals. Help us to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Help us to set an example and spread kindness to others. Let us pray for all of our personal intentions. Amen

Updated Emails Needed on all of our scouts

Posted on Apr 27 2022 - 8:11pm

Communication is critical!! Weekly emails go out with scout information that is important to parents and scouts of the troop. We want to make sure all information is getting to each and everyone of you in a timely fashion. Email groups have been set up by Ms. Elko for each patrol as well as a parent email group along with a troop email group. 

Permission Slip - All scouts of Troop 412 need to have one on file for 2022

Posted on Apr 27 2022 - 8:11pm

Please print and complete and return to Mr. Elko. This needs to be completed and turned in by January 10th.

Troop 412 Shutterfly Photos

Posted on Apr 27 2022 - 8:10pm

We are housing our Troop 412 photos on a closed Shutterfly account.

For your records, here is your site information:
Site Name: BSATroop412Photos
Site URL: https://bsatroop412photos.shutterfly.com/
Site Email Address: bsatroop412photos@sfly.com
(Use the site email address to send messages to site members and automatically post messages to the site message board. Note: Emails with JPEGs attached will post to the picture section only.)

Merit Badge Changes

Posted on Apr 27 2022 - 8:10pm
Merit Badge Changes:
Scouts and Merit Badge Counselors, see the attached sheet which lists the
Merit Badges that had requirement changes in 2021-2022.

Prayer April 24th - May 1st

Posted on Apr 27 2022 - 8:10pm

My good Angel, Thou comets from heaven; God has sent thee to take care of me. Oh, shelter me under thy wings. Lighten my path, direct my steps.  Do not leave me, stay quite near me and defend me against the spirit of evil. But above all come to my help vin the last struggle of my life. Deliver my soul so that with thee it may praise, love and contemplate the goodness of God forever and ever.

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